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RetroPie Emulators: Gaming Consoles Available on RetroPie

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RetroPie offers many old classic consoles through Emulation Station. In order to run these old games, you need to use what’s called an emulator. RetroPie emulators are software that allows RetroPie to act like different gaming consoles.

RetroPie uses emulators for each gaming console so we can play all different types of games on our Raspberry Pi.

The good news is you do not need to install all the emulators yourself. They are packaged into your RetroPie / Emulation Station install.


List of RetroPie Emulators


Note: Not all emulators work perfectly. Most notably Nintendo 64 games are very hard to emulate and therefor most perform poorly on RetroPie.

Console Name ROM Folder Name
3do-retropie-retrojar 3do 3do
 amiga-retropie-retrojar Amiga amiga
 amstrad-retropie-retrojar Amstrad CPC amstradcpc
 appleII-retropie-retrojar Apple II apple2
 atari2600-retropie-retrojar  Atari 2600 atari2600
 atari5200-retropie-retrojar Atari 5200  atari5200
 atari7800-retropie-retrojar Atari 7800 atari7800
 atarilynx-retropie-retrojar  Atari Lynx atarilynx
 atarist-retropie-retrojar Atari ST  atarist
 coco-retropie-retrojar Tandy Color Computer  coco
 c64-retropie-retrojar Commodore 64 c64
 dragon32-retropie-retrojar Dragon 32  dragon32
 dreamcast-retropie-retrojar Sega Dreamcast dreamcast
genesis-retropie-retrojar Sega Genesis/Megadrive  megadrive
gamegear-retropie-retrojar Sega Game Gear  gamegear
 gameboy-retropie-retrojar Nintendo Game Boy gb
gameboycolour-retropie-retrojar Nintendo Game Boy Color  gbc
 gameboyadvance-retropie-retrojar Nintendo Game Boy Advance gba
intellivision-retropie-retrojar  Intellivision  intellivision
macintosh-retropie-retrojar  Macintosh macintosh
mame-retropie-retrojar  MAME mame-advmame



 mastersystem-retropie-retrojar Sega Master System  mastersystem
 msx-retropie-retrojar Microsoft MSX msx
 neogeo-retropie-retrojar NEO GEO neogeo
ngp_black-retropie-retrojar NEO GEO Pocket  ngp
 ngp-retropie-retrojar NEO GEO Pocket Color  ngpc
n64-retropie-retrojar  Nintendo 64  n64
 nes-retropie-retrojar Nintendo Entertainment System nes
pc-retropie-retrojar  PC pc


PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 pcengine
 psx-retropie-retrojar Sony Playstation 1 psx
 psp-retropie-retrojar Sony PSP psp
 sega32x-retropie-retrojar Sega 32x sega32x
 segacd-retropie-retrojar Sega CD segacd
 sg-1000-retropie-retrojar Sega SG-1000 sg-1000
snes-retropie-retrojar  Super Nintendo Entertainment System snes
 vectrex-retropie-retrojar Vectrex vectrex
videopac-retropie-retrojar  Videopac / Odyssey 2 videopac
wonderswan-retropie-retrojar  Wonderswan wanderswan
 wonderswan-black-retropie-retrojar  Wonderswan Color wonderswancolor
zxspectrum-retropie-retrojar ZX Spectrum zxspectrum

Console images created by Rookervik and sourced from


RetroPie also offers other emulators such as Nintendo DS. However these are still classed as ‘experimental’ and are not part of the default RetroPie Install.


Other Helpful Sites

For more detailed information regarding RetroPie emulators, check out these great resources.


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